Our Sponsors

The Rand Park Debutantes’ and Squires’ fundraising programme is run annually. Its main purpose is to raise funds for Rand Park High School. 

Grade 10 learners are eligible to join and are required to raise a minimum amount in order to attend the Debs/Squires Ball at which the top fundraisers are recognised and parents and learners are thanked for their hard work and service to the school.

The success of Rand Park’s Debutantes’ and Squires’ fundraising programme is largely dependent on the support provided by many advertisers and sponsors.

The Debs and Squires acquire a range of entrepreneurial skills as well as communication, goal-setting, planning, leadership and accountability. It builds a stronger bond with the school community and the participants learn the value of giving of their time and effort.

Supporters may advertise their product or service in the advertising booklet which is published quarterly. Click below to download the booklet.

Enquiries may be directed to the fundraising team via email: fundraising@randparkhigh.co.za.

We are grateful for every contribution made during the fundraising year.