Applications: Grade 8

Information regarding admission to Grade 8, 2025 will be posted on this page once the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has notified schools of their plans and the application dates.

Applications must be submitted online via during the application period.

When a parent applies to a school for their child, the placement criteria is ranked as follows:

1. Home address within the school’s feeder zone
2. Sibling
3. Work address within the school’s feeder zone
4. Home address within a 30km radius
5. Home address beyond a 30km radius

Placement is based on weighted criteria which prioritises applicants who live in the feeder zone first. 

Due to the high volume of applications received that meet the requirements of criteria point 1 above, placement will be based on proximity of the applicant’s residential address to the school. In other words, applicants who live closest to the school will be placed first until the school reaches capacity. If capacity is not reached based on criteria 1 above, the subsequent ranking criteria will be applied.

Process to be followed:

  1. Submit your e-application via during the application period.
  2. Upload your supporting documents via the e-admissions website.

Required supporting documents for Grade 8 applicants:

  • Certified copy of child’s birth certificate
  • Certified copies of parents’ IDs or Passports
  • Proof of home address (If you own the property – a City of Johannesburg rates account <3 months old)
  • Proof of home address (If you rent – a current lease agreement plus a copy of the Landlord’s ID plus a copy of the City of Johannesburg rates account from the landlord plus proof of three months’ rent having been paid to the Landlord)
  • Proof of work address (if using your work address for the application)
  • Learner’s latest Grade 7 school report
  • Refugee Permit/Asylum Seeker Permit/Permanent Residence Permit/Study Permit for non-South African Citizens only



Contact: Mrs Sharon Glasson in the Admissions Department; OR Mrs Heather Robinson in the Marketing & Communications Department
Tel 011 7931246