School Entrance Criteria

  • Admission is entirely dependent on the availability of accommodation.
  • English is the medium of instruction and therefore learners must be able to benefit from instruction in this medium.
  • All required supporting documentation must be presented to the Admissions Officer for applicants who wish to enter Rand Park in their Grade 8 year in accordance with the Gauteng Department of Education’s (GDE) admission requirements. Upon successful placement by the GDE, the applicant will be required to complete the full Learner Information Form.
  • Grade 9 to 12 applicants will be required to complete an Expression of Interest form and to provide the supporting documentation as specified on the form. This form is available from the admissions team via Please note that we are experiencing high application volumes.
  • Having determined the average age per grade, we do not permit learners to differ from the average age by more than 3 years.
  • Parents will pay the school fees as determined annually by the Governing Body (in compliance with the SA Schools Act).
  • Learners are required to abide by all the school rules and regulations and the Code of Conduct.
  • Afrikaans is recognised and taught as the second official language
  • On receiving a provisional acceptance letter from the school, an initial fee of R5500.00 must be paid to the school. This amount will be credited towards the school fees for the following academic year.
  • Should a parent be guilty of falsifying admission documents, then such admission would be rendered null and void.


Admission enquiries may be directed to the Admissions Department.
Telephone: 011 793 1246