Code of Conduct

We the staff, learners and parents of Rand Park High School undertake to:

Build relationships founded on mutual respect, honesty and integrity;

  • Create a healthy educational atmosphere in which educators can teach and all learners can learn, within and outside the classroom, to the best of their abilities;
  • Develop a safe and secure environment.
  • This undertaking will only be valid if we all adhere to the school rules and regulations, create and maintain open lines of communication and work as a team to achieve our common vision.

The code of conduct is based on the following regulations:

SA Schools Act 84 of 1996

The Gauteng Provincial Gazette Extraordinary of 4 October 2001

Internal Disciplinary Committee Hearings

One of the mechanisms that Rand Park High School uses to assist in the maintenance of discipline is the Internal Disciplinary Committee Hearing. The Internal Disciplinary Committee Hearing deals with infractions that the school regards as serious but not so serious that expulsion or suspension are contemplated.

An Internal Disciplinary Committee is constituted of a Chairperson (the Deputy Principal), two teachers, two leaders and the Grade Tutor. The learner may ask the RCL class representative to accompany them to the hearing. Parents are notified by letter that their child has to attend an IDC hearing.

The letter will indicate the date and time of the hearing as well as the infraction. Parents do not attend the hearing. Learners are expected to report on time and in full school uniform to the Front Office on the day of their hearing. The hearings are formal; minutes are taken and decisions are immediate. The outcome of the meeting is communicated to the parents in writing.

Punishment handed down by an IDC includes, but is not limited to, attendance at Headmaster’s Detention which takes place on Friday afternoons from 13h30 – 17h00. If during the hearing new evidence emerges, the IDC may suggest that the matter be referred to the Governing Body Disciplinary Committee.