Admission Policy

The main purpose of the policy is to establish the processes by which learner admissions to Rand Park High School takes place.


The school will admit a maximum of 300 learners to Grade 8 in 2019. This includes repeats. The overall capacity of the school is 1450 learners. This is based on the infrastructure of the school (for example, number and size of classrooms, toilets, stairways, health and safety).


The Admission process is to be communicated to prospective parents at the school’s Open Day. Further communication will take place through visits to local primary schools and through the school’s newsletter and website.

Application Date

The official 2020 admissions e-application date has not been announced by the Department of Education. Admission enquiries may be directed to Mrs Sharon Glasson in the Admissions Office. Email: Telephone: 011 793 1246.

Parents are encouraged to apply timeously as places are limited.

Application Process

The school shares the MEC’s concerns regarding queuing at schools for admissions and is thus fully supportive of an online solution. Consequently, all admissions will be done online. Grade 8 applicants will be required to apply on the GDE admission portal. Because the GDE system does not apply to Grades 9-11, these parents will be required to apply by completing an Expression of Interest Form via Rand Park High School’s website.

Manual admission applications and the consequent queuing are to be avoided at all costs.  Parents who do not have access to the Internet will be permitted to use the computers in the school’s media centre in order to apply online during the official GDE Admissions period. Assistance will be provided to parents who do not have access to the Internet or who are computer illiterate and require help with completing the online application.

Failure to provide the required supporting documentation and a signed and completed admissions data form during the admissions period will invalidate the online application. The admission data form specifies the supporting documentation required and provides information regarding school fees and school fee exemptions. This form will be available via the school’s website and from the School Admissions Office.

Primary Admission Criteria

Lists will be compiled using the Gauteng Department of Education’s Admission Policy requirements and will involve an A-List and a B-List. A-List applicants will be identified using the criteria provided below:

The A-List will comprise:

  1. Learners whose parents live in the feeder area.
  2. Learners whose parents work in the feeder area.
  3. Learners whose current primary school is closer to Rand Park High School than any other public high school.

The feeder area is illustrated in the map provided by the Gauteng Department of Education.

B-List applicants will be considered once the A-List’s applicants have been admitted.  The B-List will comprise learners who do not qualify for the A-List.  A learner who lives outside the feeder area is not precluded from seeking admission to Rand Park High School; however, access to the school cannot be guaranteed and preference is given to A-List applicants. After the closing date for applications has passed and the District has approved the process, all successful and unsuccessful applicants will be sent a formal written response. Should the school have insufficient space to accommodate all A-listed candidates, then the District Admissions Team will place those unplaced candidates at schools where there is space.

The admission process will not discriminate against learners on the basis of race, ethnic or social origin, colour, gender, HIV/AIDS status, disability, sexual orientation, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language or the ability of the parent to pay fees.

No assessment test related to admissions will be administered.

Having determined the average age per grade, the school will not admit learners who differ from the average age by more than 3 years.

Late applications will be submitted in the same way as per the application period. Late applications will be managed by the District Admission Team.


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After the closing date for applications has passed and the District has approved the process, all successful and unsuccessful applicants will be sent a formal written response. Once the school has reached full capacity, the Principal will ask the District Director to declare the school full. Once the school is full, new learners will be admitted only if vacancies occur.

The school will at all times endeavour to ensure that the admission process is carried out according to this policy.
The school will endeavour to ensure that the application for admission of every individual is treated with respect, confidentiality and in a professional manner.

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Appeal Process

Should an applicant be unhappy with the admission decision, the school will provide that applicant with the necessary information regarding the appeal process.

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Admission enquiries may be directed to Mrs Sharon Glasson.
Email: Telephone: 011 793 1246